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Crimes Against Public Order

There are thousands of Crimes Against Public Order that strive to protect our citizens across the United States. Every state in the United States has their own set of Crimes Against Public Order laws as well as the federal government. Some statutes criminalize certain actions in order to preserve public order, safety, and health. They are considered crimes against public orders.

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Crimes Against Public Orders in Georgia Include:

  • Advertisement or Solicitation for Participation in Lotteries: Gambling is illegal in Georgia and advertising or soliciting for participation in lotteries is a Crimes Against Public Order. It occurs when a person tries to persuade another through ad or solicitation to participate in a lottery. 
  • Advertising Commercial Gambling: Georgia has strict regulations criminalizing gambling. Commercial gambling occurs when a person knowingly publishes or advertise any lottery. There are multiple ways a person can be guilty of violating this law. 
  • Altered Fare Coins, Tokens, Stored Value Cards, Transfers, Transaction Cards, and Tickets Without Consent: These Crimes against public order occurs when a person attempts to gain entry by unlawful means. It can be through the use of altered fare coins, tokens, transaction cards, or tickets. A conviction under this statute will be considered a misdemeanor.  
  • Avoiding or interfering with a Security Measure: In Crimes Against Public Order, There are two separate ways to violate this statute. One way is when a person avoids a security measure. The second way is when a person interferes with a security measure.
  • Bribery of a Contestant: Bribery a contestant occurs when a person bribes or attempts to bribe a person to influence a game, contest, or race. The bribe can be meant to influence the person to lose the game or to affect the margin of victory or defeat. A person convicted of bribing a contestant will be a felony conviction. 
  • Buying or Selling or Offering to Buy or Sell Human Body Parts: We treat human remains with respect and Georgia law deems it a crime to buy or sell human body parts. There is an exception, however, when they are used for medical or scientific purposes. 
  • Failure to File or Maintain Records with regard to an Abortion: There are numerous reports that have to be filed when an abortion is conducted. The hospitals must file reports as well as the physicians. A failure to file will be considered a misdemeanor offense.  
  • Failure to Post Nicotine Warning: It is illegal to sell tobacco related products to people under 18 years of age. Therefore, every establishment that sells those products must have a sign stating that it is illegal to sell to people that are not at least 18 years old. 
  • Gambling: Georgia’s gambling laws are extremely strict and come with heavy consequences. There are many ways that a person can be guilty of gambling in Georgia. 
  • Intentionally Interfering with Safety or Traffic Control Devices: Georgia law outlines two categories where a person can be guilty of intentionally interfering with safety or traffic control devices. A person convicted under the statute will be guilty of a felony. 
  • Keeping a Gambling Place: A person can be convicted of keeping a gambling place in Georgia if they permit any property they own to be used as a gambling place. However, the evidence must be presented that the suspect knowingly permitted their property to be used. A person convicted under the statute will be guilty of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature. 
  • Pyramid Schemes: Most people are familiar with the concept of pyramid schemes. However, many people are unaware of the severe penalties associated with participating in or promoting pyramid schemes. 
  • Removal of Body Parts from Scene of Death or Dismemberment: Georgia considers it a crime for anyone to remove body parts or dismember a body from the scene of a death. An exception to this offense is an officer acting within their lawful duties. Anyone convicted of removing body parts will be guilty of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravate nature. 
  • Smoking in Public Places: Over the past decade, businesses and communities have decided to crack down on allowing smoking. Smoking in public places in Georgia is punished by a fine between $100 and $500. 
  • Soliciting or accepting a Bribe to Influence the Outcome of Athletic Contests, Sporting Events, or Exhibitions: Soliciting or accepting a bribe to influence the outcome of athletic contests applies to multiple people beside athletes. Other people that can be charged with this crime include trainers, managers, referees, and coaches. Furthermore, even though soliciting may seem like a minor act, it will be charged as a felony. 
  • Tattooing: Businesses that perform tattoos have a variety of laws that apply to them. From where tattoos can be placed to the age of the person receiving the tattoo, it is important to remain up to date on the current law. 

Crimes Against Public Order

Penalty for a Conviction for a Crime against Public Orders in Georgia

A conviction for a crime that falls under this category varies greatly depending on the offense. However, the majority of crimes are considered felony convictions and include prison and fines. The prison time ranges from one year to twenty years and the fine could be $1,000.00 or $20,000.00. Because of the wide range of penalties, it is crucial that you retain a Georgia Crime against Public Orders to help you through the process.

How a Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

One of the major benefits of having a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney is that they can try to work out a better deal with the prosecutor than you would get on your own. Whether it is trying to get the charges lowered or argue your innocence, your Lawyer can help get you a more favorable outcome. Every case is different therefore there is no defense that works for every crime. Your Georgia Lawyer will examine your case to determine what your best arguments are and seek to create gaps in the prosecutor’s case.



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