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Privacy Infringement

T In privacy infringement, No one likes to have their privacy invaded and Georgia laws protect that privacy.

The right to privacy is alluded to in the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution stating “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects”. The privacy penalties are harsh so it is important to hire a Georgia Invasion privacy infringement Crime Attorney from Al Forgone in order to get the best defense. The Office of Al Forgone has over 50 combined years of criminal defense experience and are familiar with the subtle differences that distinguish each of the crimes.

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Invasion privacy infringement Crimes in Georgia Include:

Eavesdropping, Surveillance, or Intercepting Communication: Privacy is an important right of American citizens. Some ways this can be violated are when a person eavesdrops, surveils, or intercepts communication of another person.

Peeping Toms: A person becomes a peeping tome when they look through windows or doors with the intent to spy upon another. Specific intent is an essential element to be convicted of a peeping tom. 

Possession, Sale, or Distribution of Eavesdropping Devices: Eavesdropping devices are becoming more and more common. However, it is illegal to sell, distribute, or own eavesdropping devices. A conviction for possession, sale, or distribution of eavesdropping devices will be a felony conviction. 

Prohibition on Nude or Sexually Explicit Transmissions: This crime occurs when someone posts a picture displaying nudity or sexually explicit conduct without the consent of the depicted person. A first conviction will be a misdemeanor but subsequent convictions will be felony convictions. 

Privacy Infringement

Penalty for a Conviction for Invasion of Privacy infringement Crimes in Georgia

A conviction for an invasion of privacy crime in Georgia generally comes with a prison term and a fine. While each crime and case is different, that is the general outcome. The fine amount varies from case to case. However, most convictions are treated as a felony and felony convictions carry consequences such as difficulty in obtaining employment, housing, or credit.

Defenses to Invasion of Privacy Crimes in Georgia

While each crime has specific defenses that apply to it; there are some defenses that generally apply to invasion of privacy infringement crimes in Georgia including:

Consent: If you had permission to eavesdrop or “peep” or send a nude picture, then that could be a defense. However, there must be evidence showing that you had the authority.

Lack of Evidence: There must be sufficient evidence tying you to the criminal acts. If there is not enough evidence or it is insufficient to show you committed a crime, then you cannot be found guilty.

Unintentional: Many invasions of privacy crimes require that the criminal act be done intentionally or knowingly. If the action was done accidentally and there is evidence to support this, then you may not be guilty of a crime.

This is not an extensive list of the defenses that could be used in your case. These are just some defenses your Attorney will evaluate to see if they apply. Every case is different and our Lawyers will work with you to provide the best defense. That is why it is vital to call a Georgia Invasion of Privacy Attorney to speak with them about your specific case.



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